Wild Patagonia

A legendary, wild, and magic landscape awaits you

Patagonia is a legendary, wild land with a magical flair and there are 1001 ways of exploring. It is an unforgettable adventure to tour wild Patagonia with your own rental car - and well planned with the right partner, it is safe and uncomplicated.

Our sample itinerary is intended for „Patagonia newcomers“ and covers a moderate period of time. After all, there is so much to discover in the rest of Chile as well!

It’s best to plan your trip in Chile with your own rental car in stages and to cover the long distances with domestic flights.

Tips on trips with a rental car in Patagonia:

Many roads in Patagonia are very remote gravel roads where you rarely see other vehicles. There may be poor cell phone reception, so in case of a breakdown you should be well prepared. Please drive very carefully on gravel, sand, or stones, and keep in mind that on gravel roads you can only go about half as fast as on asphalt. Also, make sure to fuel your rental car at every opportunity, because gas stations are few and far between in such a remote area. Please be sure to choose a suitable vehicle category for this route!

The Torres del Paine National Park is certainly the absolute highlight in Patagonia, which is why our sample itinerary is all about the park. It owes its name to the “Torres del Paine”, three granite peaks of about 2.800m. They are the main attraction of the park for many visitors. However, you will soon realize that there are a lot of other amazing attractions, including millennia-old glaciers, glacial lakes, rivers, stunning mountain scenery, extraordinary animals, beautiful hiking trails and much more.

The accommodations within the park ranges from simple campsites to luxury hotels and are usually open from September to the end of March. Only a few hotels open all year round. IMPORTANT: Book your accommodations in and around the park in advance, since capacities are limited, and the park is very popular. With your own rental car, you are flexible and can even adapt to the rough and changing weather.

Speaking of weather: Locals say, if you don't like the weather in Patagonia, just wait about twenty minutes. And it's true: In Patagonian summer you can experience all four seasons in just one day! Snow, rain, gusts of wind, clouds, a blue sky, and bright sunshine within a few hours are quite common. So, make sure to wear several layers of light, yet windproof clothes and to have rain gear as well as sunscreen, a hut, and sunglasses always at hand.

Sample itinerary for a Rental Car Trip to Patagonia

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Punta Arenas - Puerto Natales

Pick up your rental car at the airport in Punta Arenas. Drive north through the vast Patagonian pampas. Your first destination is the small town of Puerto Natales, located at the fjord „Ultima Esperanza „ (Last Hope). On the road, look out for the scattered estancias and mounted baqueanos (Patagonian shepherds). After arriving in Puerto Natales, take a stroll through the city and a walk along the fjord.

If you are still missing any gear or supplies, best buy it in Puerto Natales. Also, make sure to fuel your rental car, because there are no secured gas stations on the way to Torres del Paine and none in the park itself.

Overnight stay in Puerto Natales. Distance covered: about 300 km on asphalt.