The Sunny Side of Chile

A tour to relax and enjoy

With your own rental car, you are flexible, and you can discover all the amazing attractions of Chile´s exciting central region independently. Well planned with the right partner, a rental car trip in Chile is safe and uncomplicated.

This sample itinerary is intended for epicures who like to take it easy and go on a slow pace but can easily be changed to more “action-packed”. The World Heritage City of Valparaíso on the Pacific Coast is the “home base”, from where you can discover something new every day with your rental car.

First, a few tips:

The area covered by this sample itinerary is densely populated and well connected. Anyway, you should be well prepared in case of a breakdown. Do not drive after a wine tasting! In Chile, „Tolerancia 0“ is applied, that means, exactly 0 per mill alcohol is allowed. Please, agree on whose turn it is to drive, before going to a wine tasting or eating out. It is advisable to book visits to wineries or other guided tours in advance. Most wineries also offer tours in English.

The accommodations in Valparaíso range from simple hostels to extravagant luxury hotels and boutique hotels. There is something for every budget and every need.

Sample itinerary for a Rental Car Trip to the Chilean Central Region

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Santiago de Chile - Valparaíso

Pick up your rental car at the airport in Santiago. Take Ruta 68 to Valparaíso, at the Pacific Coast. The city´s nickname is „La Joya del Pacífico“ („The Pearl of the Pacific“). It is Chile´s most important port and therefore has always been a magnet for immigration and trading. Until today, the city preserves its rough port city charm and is very picturesque with its unique cityscape of multicolored houses looking down on the harbor from the hills that surround the bay. At the same time, Valparaíso has gained a reputation as the creative heart of Chile, due to a renaissance of art and culture.

In the many small streets, you will find art galleries and fashion design studios, as well as a multitude of other start-ups by creative minds. The lower and upper parts of the town are connected by inclined elevators, so that you do not have too much struggle with the numerous staircases. They were constructed around 1900 and still do their work day in, day out. Every visitor should at least once dare to drive for a few Pesos with one of them, it´s a real highlight!

Overnight stay in Valparaíso. Distance covered about 110 km on asphalt.