With your Rental Car to the Bio Bio River

03.08.2018 – With your Rental Car to the Bio Bio River

A rather unknown destination for a rental car trip through Chile, but no less beautiful is the Biobio region. The Biobio region is located about 500 km south of Santiago and owes its name to the great river that flows from east to west. Also known as the “Gateway to the South of Chile,” one of the region’s landmarks is the Cordillera de Nahuelbuta (World Biodiversity Reserve). The trip through this remarkable national park takes only about an hour on a gravel road. The park’s sensitive ecosystem stretches between the Bio Bio and Imperial rivers and serves as the natural border between the Bio Bio and Araucania regions. In addition, araucaria forests dominate with a population of about 50 native foxes (chilotes or darwin).

Car Rental Chile_NEWS5Ride your rental car to Lanalhue Lake, 150 km south of the city of Concepción. The lake is known for its warm and calm waters, where besides boat tours it is also possible to do other sports in nature.

If you are interested in Chilean history, make a detour with your rental car to Contulmo in the Mapuche territory. This is a melting pot of German and Indigenous Mapuche culture that can still be experienced today. Nearby, at a distance of 6 km, is the natural monument of Contulmo, which shows 146 species of plants, 120 of which are indigenous. The Elicura Valley and the Lleu-Lleu Lake are also very interesting destinations in this scenic area.

The province of Biobío is the largest in the region. However, it is the only one of the four provinces that has no coastline, but much of it is crossed by the water-rich river Bio Bio. This province has beautiful natural landscapes where you can enjoy various activities such as rafting, swimming, boating, camping, fishing, horse riding, hiking and photography.

While the city of Concepción is predominantly known as a university town, the city’s natural attractions are the offshore islands and, of course, the river. Between the towns of San Pedro de la Paz and Talcahuano, the river Bio Bio finally flows into the Pacific Ocean.

Car Rental Chile_NEWS6The area of Alto Bío Bío belongs to the Andes Mountains and is inhabited by the ethnic group of Pehuenche. Thanks to the lush vegetation, this area is an ideal place for leisure activities in constant contact with nature. Here you will find volcanoes and thermal springs as well as beautiful lagoons and nature reserves and plenty of hiking trails that invite you to explore the area.

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