Useful information for motorcycles

Useful information for motorcycles

Some special conditions may apply for motorcycle rentals in Chile. Please read the following.

Rental terms

To rent a motorcycle you need a valid driver’s license for the corresponding motorcycle type. The motorcycle rental requires a minimum age of 23 years.

Rental duration

The minimum rental period required is 10 days.

Motorcycle pick-up and drop-off

All motorcycles are located in Osorno, in the south of Chile. Motorcycle pick-up and drop-off in Osorno is free of extra charge during business hours – Monday to Friday (9 am to 1 pm and 1.30 pm to 6.30 pm) and Saturday (10 am to 1 pm).

It is possible to pick-up and drop-off the motorcycles in another location. In those cases a special pick-up fee/drop-off fee will be charged. The following overview serves you as a reference:

City Fee
Arica US$ 600
Iquique US$ 570
Antofagasta US$ 550
Santiago US$ 210
Puerto Montt US$ 150
Puerto Natales US$ 290
Punta Arenas US$ 390

Prices are subject to change and serve only as reference.

Please note, that on Sundays and public holidays it is usually not possible to pick-up or drop-off motorcycles in Santiago and Osorno.

Border crossing to Argentina, Peru, Bolivia

With a motorcycle rented in Chile you are allowed to cross the border to Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. Additional costs will be charged for the border crossing permit and an international liability insurance. The cost of US$95 will be charged only once for each motorcycle, even if you cross the border several times.

Please indicate when booking your motorcycle if you are planning to travel to Argentina, Peru and/or Bolivia. The process to obtain the necessary papers and permits take at least three weeks and we always want to make sure that you receive these documents the day you pick your motorbike up.

The international liability insurance covers up to US$40,000 per person for personal injury (maximum US$200,000) and up to US$20,000 in case of damage to property (maximum US$40,000).

You can book an optional insurance, which covers damages to your own motorcycle, taking into account the deductible and the exceptions mentioned further below. The insurance can be booked when you pick-up the motorcycle.

Pick-up and drop-off in Argentina

It is possible to pick-up OR drop off motorbikes in the cities of Buenos Aires and Ushuaia. In Ushuaia this special pick-up/drop-off service is only available between the beginning of November and end of March. The one-way-fee for this pick-up or drop-off in Argentina are:

Buenos Aires: US$600
Ushuaia: US$990

Prices are subject to change and serve only as reference.

Third-party insurance

The rental price includes a third-party insurance for damage on property and personal injury valid only in Chilean territory, without deductible and a coverage of up to 500 UF (30.09.2015: 500 UF = US$18,800). The international third-party insurance for journeys in Argentina, Peru and Bolivia covers up to US$40,000 per person for personal injury (maximum US$200,000) and up to US$20,000 in case of damage to property (maximum US$40,000). If you wish to have a higher coverage we recommend you to include a supplementary liability insurance (Travel insurance) in your home country.

Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (CDW)

You can book an optional Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (CDW) for damage of your rented motorbike.

The following table will give you a reference:

Motorcycle Model Days Charge Maximum Payable
BMW F650 GS & Sertao US$ 20 US$ 2.500
BMW F650 TWIN US$ 25 US$ 3.000
BMW F700GS & F800GS/Adventure US$ 30 US$ 4.000
BMW R1200 GS/LC/Adventure US$ 35 US$ 5.000

Please note that the insurance does not cover in case of improper use, drunkenness, driving in sand nor in case of accidents or damages caused on non-public and non-official roads. Theft in Bolivia and Peru or in the Argentinian cities of Buenos Aires or Cordoba is not covered by the insurance.

In case of damages above the deductible or in case of theft a police report is mandatory.

We recommend a max. speed of 30 km/h or even less driving on unpaved roads, depending the condition of the road. In general the insurance does not cover negligent damages or if no police report of the accident or damage has been delivered.

Highway toll in Santiago de Chile

All motorcycles are equipped with the TAG-System, which serves for the highway toll when using in the Greater Santiago district. The costs are included in the rent.

Accident or damage of the motorcycle

In case of accident please always call the police to report the damages. Only if you can present the police report the insurance will cover the damages as agreed in your rental contract. The police report is also required for damages on the motorcycle (even if it was not an accident) or if you cause any damage to the vehicle. Further you have to inform the rental company immediately about accidents or damages.


The basic equipment of all motorcycles are:

  • 2 side cases
  • 60l tail bag
  • Tank bag
  • Motor and tank protection guards
  • Tools
  • Tire repair kit
  • Foot air pump
  • Road maps of Chile and Argentina
  • Technical consulting service from 7 am to 10 pm seven days a week
  • Information about routes, distances, patrol stations, hotels, money exchange services, etc. when handing you the motorbike over

When picking up the motorcycle, a voucher of your credit card will be created and has to be signed by you. It is essential that you have a credit card with a minimum coverage of US$6,000 with you. The voucher is for warranty purposes and is given back to you when you return the motorcycle, provided there are no objections.


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