Useful information for motorcycles

The information on the behavior in case of accident or breakdown and other points are the same for motorcycles as for other vehicles. However, some points are different, when renting a motorcycle:

The motorcycles can only be driven with a corresponding driving license.

A minimum age of 23 years is required and generally, the mínimum rental duration is ten days.

Osorno is the location for all motorcycles. The delivery and return in Osorno is during business hours from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 1 pm, 1:30 pm and 6:30 pm, as well as Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm.

You are welcome to receive and give back the motorcycle in a different location than Osorno. In these cases, additional one-way or drop-off fees apply. This list with possible pick-up and drop-off locations gives you a reference of the fees:

Place Fee
Arica USD 600
Iquique USD 570
Antofagasta USD 550
Santiago USD 210
Puerto Montt USD 150
Puerto Natales USD 290
Punta Arenas USD 390

Please note that on Sundays and public holidays usually no motorcycles can be handed over or left in Santiago and Osorno.

You can easily take the camper to Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. However, this is only permitted with valid exit documents, which include both the comprehension insurance and liability insurance as well as an exit permit. Unfortunately, spontaneous trips abroad without these documents are not possible. The cost is about USD 95 and includes several border crossings.

The international liability insurance covers personal injury up to USD 40.000 per person (maximum USD 200.000) and property damage up to USD 20.000 per claim (maximum USD 40.000). Note: These amounts are subject to currency fluctuation and are intended as a guide.

The border crossing to Bolivia and Peru has to be legalized, which leads to additional costs.

We will be happy to do the border crossing paperwork for you. Please indicate, when booking camper, that you plan a border crossing and indicate to which country, so that you receive all the necessary papers when you pick up the motorcycle.

The prices include a liability insurance for Chile, which covers material and personal damages of up to 500 UF (about € 17.800, status January 2019) inside the Chilean territory. If you would like a higher coverage, please contact us for additional insurances.

Optionally, a comprehensive insurance for damage to the motorcycle can be booked. This always includes a deductible, which depends on the motorcycle model.
There is no coverage in case of:

• Drunkenness
• Improper use
• Driving on sand
• Negligance
• Accidents and damage which did not take place on a public road

Furthermore, loss or theft in Bolivia, Peru or Argentina are not covered.

There is generally no insurance coverage if no police report of the accident and/or the damage assessment has been submitted.

When driving on gravel roads, we recommend a maximum driving speed of 30 km/h or even less, depending on the condition of the road.

When picking up the vehicle, a voucher of your credit card will be created and have to be signed by you. It is therefore essential that you have a credit card with a minimum coverage of up to 5.000 USD, depending on the motorcycle model, with you. The voucher is for warranty purposes and is given back to you with proper return of the vehicle, provided there are no objections.

The basic equipment of the motorcycles include the following items (may vary slightly according to each motorcycle):

• 2 Side cases
• Tank bag
• Tools
• Repair kit
• Foot air pump

Additional gear upon request.