Useful information for Cars

The information on insurances and guarantee, as well as on the behavior in case of accident or breakdown are the same for campers as for other vehicles. However, some points are different, when renting a camper:


Which car to choose for your personal Chile adventure, of course, depends on the number of passengers and the luggage carried. In Chile, however, the chosen route is also a very important factor:

The Panamericana Highway and other highways as well,are quite modern and well developed. This is genreally also true for roads in the cities.

Many of Chile’s rural roads in contrary, especially those that lead to the National Parks, are beautiful in terms of landscape, but are mere gravel roads, especially in remote areas such as the extreme North, the Atacama Desert, the Andes Range in Central Chile and rural areas in Southern Chile. Even the famous Carretera Austral is not more than a narrow gravel road in some parts. Carretera Austral is being constantly improved, but it will be many years until it will be tarred completely. If you are planning a longer trip on rural roads, we recommend renting a pick-up or a 4×4 vehicle. Due to the rather poor road conditions, the car rental companies only allow driving the Carretera Austral with a Pick-Up or Jeep and some areas in the north.

Additional equipment is useful depending on the itinerary and can be booked. The following items are available:
GPS device, child seat, additional spare wheel, petrol can(legally only allowed on the loading area of pick-ups!), snow chains, ski racks, tarpaulin covers for pick-ups, camping accessories.

  • Santiago de Chile
  • Antofagasta
  • Arica
  • Calama
  • Concepción
  • Copiapó
  • Coyhaique (no small cars available)
  • Iquique
  • La Serena
  • Los Ángeles
  • Osorno
  • Puerto Varas
  • Puerto Montt
  • Pucón (only during Chilean summer)
  • Puerto Natales (only during Chilean summer)
  • Punta Arenas (no small cars available)
  • Rancagua
  • Temuco
  • Valdivia

When picking-up your rental car at the International Airport of Santiago de Chile or national airports in other cities, extra fees between 20 and 75 EUR (approx. 26 – 97 USD) apply.

If you do not return the car at the location where you picked it up, an additional one-way-premium (also called drop-off fee) will be charged. The amount depends on the distance between both locations and the car category. The fee may vary according to the price policy of each car rental agency. Please contact us for more information.

The following overview shall only serve you as a reference!

Distance in km One-Way Premuim
0 – 150 approx. 62 USD
151 – 300 approx. 123 USD
301 – 450 approx. 174 USD
451 – 600 approx. 196 USD
601 – 750 approx. 291 USD
751 – 1.000 approx. 420 USD
1.001 – 1.500 approx. 482 USD
1.501 – 2.000 approx. 700 USD
2.001 – 2.500 approx. 963 USD
2.501 and more approx. 1.277 USD

All car models, independent of category, include unlimited mile usage. The exceptions to this are the Campers where an average of 200 or 250 km/day is allowed. Each additional km will be charged between 0.30 € (approx. USD 0.65) and 0.60 € (USD 0.).
In addition, for some long-term rentals from 26 days, the number of kilometers is also limited. In those cases, additional payment of about 0.20 € per additional km will be charged.

Our rental rates allow registering a second driver without additional cost. The personal information of both drivers must be provided to us as they must both be registered in the lease contract.
(Here again, exception for Camper rentals, please see Camper information!).

Liability Insurance
In Chile, the liability insurance is quite low and only covers about USD 22.000 to 39.000. It covers only personal injury, but not damages to property. Please note that the coverage of each car rental agency may differ; the above mentioned numbers are for reference only. Please contact us if you would like additional insurance to increase your coverage.

Comprehensive Insurance
All rental cars include a comprehensive insurance. Depending on the car rental agency and the preferences of our clients, the CDW may include a deductible. Generally, lower rental tariffs mean lower insurance coverage. Further, we advise you that many agencies exclude certain claims (e.g. damage to rims or wheels, roll-over of the car, glass breakage). We offer an extended coverage by means of supplementary insurances. Please contact us for further information!

Please note that due to some areas with poor road conditions (unpaved roads), higher insurance costs are required in Patagonia (Coyhaique, Puerto Natales, Punta Arenas) than in the rest of Chile. This results in higher car rental tariffs in these locations.

In the case of an accident, calling the police is mandatory, so that the damage can be reported, regardless of the severity of the damage. The insurance in the contractually agreed scope will be liable only when delivering the police report. The duty of the police report for insurance purposes also applies to cases in which your vehicle is damaged (not in an accident) or you caused damage to the car. The phone number of the police in Chile is 133.
In addition, promptly inform your car rental company about the accident/damage.

At pick-up, a signed a copy of your card must be deposited as a guarantee.
It is therefore mandatory that you carry an internationally valid credit card with a minimum coverage of between USD 560 and UDS 1.120 (depending on the value of the car rental). copy will be erased upon return of the car, if there is no damage.

With a Chilean rental car you are allowed to cross the border to Argentina only with a comprehensive collision insurance and auto liability insurance, which are valid in Argentina, as well as notary permission. The cost depend on the car rental agency and the time you would like to spend in Argentina.

The amount of the exit permit to Argentina depends on the length of stay in Argentina and varies between about USD 115 (max 5 days) and about USD 300 (max 90 days). For some car rental companies, the length of stay is limited to a maximum of 30 days.
We will gladly do the paperwork for you, when booking your rental car. Please make sure to tell us in advance about your plans to cross to Argentina, so we can take care of everything in good time and you receive the documents at vehicle delivery.
Coverage: The Collision Damage Waiver has the same coverage as in Chile. The liability insurance covers a maximum of 200,000 USD for personal injury or death and a maximum of 40,000 USD in case of damage to property.

So, unfortunately, spontaneous detours to Argentina without these documents are not possible.
Car delivery outside Chile is permitted at some providers in Calafate, Argentina.
Otherwise, the return location must always be in Chile!