Travel Destination Chile

May 15, 2018 – Travel Destination Chile

Chile is based on the principle of “three continentality”, which is nothing other than the exercise of sovereignty on three continents: America, Oceania and the Antarctic. Chile is divided into continental Chile, which lies on the South American continent, Chile Insular, a group of islands and archipelagos of volcanic origin in the South Pacific and the Chilean Antarctic, which is located between the meridians 53 ° W and 90 °.

Hidden behind the majestic Andean mountain range lies this unusual South American country – an extremely long and narrow coastal country nestled between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. The widest part of the country measures only 180 kilometers, while the length of Chile is an incredible 4,300 kilometers. Chile is therefore really bizarre on every map and gives the impression that the country is almost off the map.

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Chile’s extreme extent over 38 degrees of longitude gives much leeway for all sorts of climate and vegetation zones. The landscapes could not be more different in such a narrow country, and it seems that when God created the earth, he collected the leftover parts and formed Chile.

It is not clearly established where the name Chile comes from, but it is believed that Chile derives from the word chilli of the language of Aymara, the indigenous people of northern Chile. For the Aymara, the word chilli means “land where the world is over,” which is true in many ways.

Especially with a Rental Car you can explore Chile’s unique geography particularly well. From the driest desert in the world in the north, over the endless coastlines in the west and the impressive Andes in the east, to the smoking and snow-capped volcanoes, untouched forests, lakes, fjords, rivers and millennia-old glaciers in the south, with your rented care from Car-Rental-Chile you can reach all attractions flexible and independently.

The relatively small central Chile, around Santiago, is home to over half of the Chilean population. Almost 6 million people live in Santiago de Chile. Santiago de Chile is also the starting point for most visitors who arrive at the International Airport in Santiago.

From Santiago de Chile, approximately in the middle of the country, you can start your Chile trip south or north. You can also pick-up and drop-off your rental car at all other airports throughout Chile.

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