The wonderland of the Araucania region

25.07.2018 – The wonderland of the Araucania region

On your rental car trip through Chile, we will take you today to the Araucania region, which is about 700 km south of Santiago de Chile. The beauty of this area is mainly due to its attractive landscapes, which are surrounded by native vegetation, including centuries-old araucaria forests, mountain ranges and perfectly shaped volcanoes. On the coast stands above all the small but not less beautiful city Puerto Saavedra, where you can get to know the beach Maule. Here, the Imperial River once flowed into the sea, before the severe earthquake of 1960 completely changed the landscape.

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To the north is the town of Nehuentue, well-known in the area for its good food. An absolute must on your drive with your rental car through the south of Chile is the region around the volcano Villarrica. The volcano Villarrica with its 2,847 meters lies between the lakes Villarrica and Calafquén and forms the national park of the same name. If your travel time and physical fitness permit, then plan a few days stopover in the pretty village of Pucón to climb the Villarrica volcano. The climb is well worth it, because from the top you have not only a breathtaking view, but also you will wander over a 40 km2 large glacier to the crater, which hides a lake with permanent magma.

Relax the next day in one of the many beautiful and natural thermal baths, all of which are very easy to reach by rental car. The Araucania region is home to more than 15 natural thermal springs located in the municipalities of Curacautín, Curarrehue and Pucón.

In the region of Araucania you can rummage with your rental car many different and absolutely worth seeing glacier lakes, one more beautiful than the other! Lago Caburga, Lago Ranco, Lago Panguipulli. The lakes Lago Toro, Lago Chico, Lago Verde and Lago Tinquilco, are located in the Huerquehue National Park, and can only be reached on a hike. The Budi Lake in the coastal area between the towns of Puerto Saavedra and Teodoro Schmidt is the only salt lake in South America.

Car Rental Chile - Mietwagen Chile1Do not miss the Conquillio National Park on your car rental trip through Chile. Here you will find the Lago Conquillio in the midst of an araucaria forest created by the constant eruptions of the surrounding volcanoes. The lake is fed by fresh meltwater from the glaciers on the volcanoes Llaima and the Sierra Nevada. The lake is calm and impresses with its crystal-clear water that allows you to observe the bottom and trunks of old trees that were once part of the forest and are now under water.

We invite you to explore this truly unique region in Southern Chile with your own rental car. Stop your rental car in the most beautiful places and let the beautiful landscape take over. Car Rental Chile has many different car models that are ideal for exploring the Chilean Lake District. Contact us today and secure your rental car for the next season.

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