NEW: Border Crossing to Peru

We are pleased to be able to offer a new, wonderful option: Rental car tours through Chile AND Peru! So far, border crossing have been limited to visits to Argentina, benefiting above all our clients in Patagonia and the southern Chilean Lake Region. Now, fans of the fascinating Chilean North can extend their travel horizons and make detours to the “Land of the Incas” with its fascinating cultural treasures.

From northern Chile, the city of Arequipa and famous Lake Titicaca are particularly easy to reach by car in just one day. The historic center of the colonial town of Arequipa is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but is also one of the country’s most important cultural and economic centers, and set against a beautiful backdrop of three volcanoes.
Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and is often referred to as the “highest navigable lake in the world” (3,812 m). The Bolivian border runs through the middle of the lake. Apart from its spectacular location, the lake is particularly known for its cultural diversity. The area had already been inhabited for millennia when the Incas took power. Even today, the descendants of the indigenous population live here, some still in their traditional way, such as the people of the Uros on their floating islands made of reeds.

A little further from the Chilean border, but easily reachable by stages, are the famous Nasca Lines (about 800 km from Arica) and, further east, the city of Cusco (about 900 km from Arica), UNESCO World Heritage Site, a highlight itself and gateway to the most famous Inca site ever, Machu Picchu. Colonial times and Inca culture meet here like nowhere else.

During a two- to three-week rental car trip for example, you can easily combine some highlights of the North Chilean Atacama Desert and the Altiplano with those of the Peruvian South to a unique rental car adventure full of cultural, culinary and natural highlights!

Wherever you go, one of Peru´s highlights is always nearby: the Peruvian Cuisine, which in recent years has deservedly positioned itself at the culinary world’s top! Try traditional dishes, sweet temptations and modern fusion cuisine and experience the cultural diversity of Peru on your plate! You will be delighted!

For more information about the conditions and the cars available for Peru, please contact us! We will be happy to help you plan your rental car trip through Chile and Peru.