Get to know the fascinating landscape in northern Chile!

June 26, 2018 – Get to know the fascinating landscape in northern Chile!

The most adventurous and flexible way to get to know the impressive landscapes of Chile in the far north is by rental car or motorhome. Ride the picturesque plateaus at your own pace and enjoy the magnificent landscapes of the world’s driest desert. If you are traveling with the camper in Chile, you can even camp in the middle of the Andean highlands and admire the clearest starry sky in the world.

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The Atacama Desert is far from being a boring and lifeless place because, thanks to its thousands of ancient cultures and oases, it is an area of very special energy and fascination. At an altitude of over 4,000 meters, in the highlands of the Andes, you will find small villages, ruined cities, ancient traditions and millenary customs, which have a very special impact on their visitors.

In your Chilean rental car, you can set your own tour and stop in the places that will particularly captivate and impress you. In this experience, you will miss your breath and certainly not because of the lack of oxygen at high altitude, but because of the absolutely impressive landscapes and panoramas. Before you set off with your rental car through the Andes highlands, make sure you pack enough water, sunscreen and food! It is also recommended to fill up the tank!

You can receive your Chile Rental Car in the north of the country in different cities, such as Iquique on the Pacific coast. This is a great starting point for your rental car trip through northern Chile. Also, an absolute must on your travel list is the small desert town of San Pedro de Atacama (place of Car Rental is Calama, Chile). The highlights around San Pedro de Atacama are the salt lakes, the Salar de Huasco National Park, the Llullaillaco National Park, the Moon Valley, the geysers and the picturesque highland lagoons Miscanti and Miñiques.

The northernmost point to hire a car in Chile is the city of Arica, right on the Peruvian border. From here you can start car hire tours through the highlands to the Bolivian and Peruvian border. Worth seeing is the Lauca National Park and the small town of Putre at over 4,000 meters altitude.

At Car Rental Chile you will find all the necessary information and our expert team will be happy to advise you in English on the best rental car or camper for your rental car trip through Chile.

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