Useful information for campers

Useful information for campers

Some special conditions may apply for camper rentals in Chile. Please read the following.

Rental terms

The camper can be driven with your normal national driver’s license. The camper rental requires a minimum driving age of 23 or 25 years, depending on camper model.

Rental duration

The minimum rental period required is 7 days during low season and 15 days during high season (November 01 – March 31).

Camper pick-up and drop-off

Santiago de Chile is the location for all campers. The vehicle delivery and return in Santiago de Chile during business hours from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm, as well as Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm, is free of charge. Exception may apply!

The campers can be delivered/returned on a Sunday/National Holiday until 1 pm subject to a surcharge of approx. 170 USD. On January 1, December 25, as well as on the 18th and 19th of September, no motorhomes can be picked-up or returned.

It is possible to receive and give back the camper in a different location than Santiago. In these cases, additional one-way and drop-off fees apply. These are dependent on the distance from Santiago de Chile to the pick-up and drop-off location.

The examples below give you a reference of the fees:
Santiago – Arica: USD 1,460 (camper) / USD 730 (car with overcamp)
Santiago – Iquique: USD 1,250 (camper) / USD 630 (car with overcamp)
Santiago – Calama: USD 1,100 (camper) / USD 550 (car with overcamp)
Santiago Valparaíso: USD 90 (camper) / USD 45 (car with overcamp)
Santiago – Temuco: USD 490 (camper) / USD 250 (car with overcamp)
Santiago – Valdivia: USD 610 (camper) / USD 305 (car with overcamp)
Santiago – Puerto Montt: USD 740 (camper) / USD 370 (car with overcamp)
Santiago – Coyhaique: USD 1,245 (camper) / USD 620 (car with overcamp)
Santiago – Punta Arenas: USD 2,160 (camper) / USD 1,080 (car with overcamp)

Prices are subject to currency fluctuations and serve as reference price only.

Limitation of mile usage

The rental terms allow for a free mile usage of 125 miles/day. Each additional mile will be charged with 0,60 EUR (approx. 0.70 USD). Upon request, the average number of miles included in the rental term can be increased (extra payment). If you already know your exact travel itinerary, as well as the amount of miles you will most likely drive, please contact us so that we can work out an individual offer for you.

Additional driver

On request, a second driver may be entered into the lease of the camper. This is associated with an extra cost of 5 EUR / day (approx. 6.50 USD).

The personal information of the second driver must be submitted at the time of the camper booking with us.

Border crossing to Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay

You can easily take the camper to Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay. The border crossing does have additional costs depending on the time you plan to spend abroad, varying between approx. 150 USD and 580 USD (plus always approx 220 USD for Peru and Bolivia). Within the specified validity period of the permit, you can cross the border as often as you want.

Please indicate when booking your motorhome that you plan a border crossing and indicate to which country, so that you receive all the necessary papers when you pick up the vehicle.

The cost of the exit permit to Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay includes both the full comprehensive insurance and liability insurance. The insurance covers damage to your own vehicle, as well as the camper attachment up to the total value of the rental, taking into account the acquired deductible and any exceptions that are valid in Chile. However, the liability insurance covers injury up to 40,000 USD per person (maximum 200,000 USD) and damage to property up to 20,000 USD per claim (maximum 40,000 USD).

Camper pick-up and drop off in Argentina or Peru

The campers can be picked-up and dropped off in Argentina in the cities of Buenos Aires, Mendoza and Ushuaia and in Tacna/Peru. The following delivery and return fees apply:
Santiago – Buenos Aires: USD 2,265
Santiago – Mendoza: USD 870
Santiago – Ushuaia: USD 3,310
Santiago – Tacna: USD 1,950

Prices are subject to currency fluctuations and serve as reference price only.

Collision damage waiver (CDW)

The prices include a comprehensive insurance with a deductible of 1,400 EUR (approx. 1,500 USD). For an additional fee, the excess can be reduced to only 450 EUR (approx. 500 USD).

The following damage is not covered by the insurance: damage to the windshield or other windows, tires or rims, vehicle underbody, shock absorbers, coupling, or damage to the interior of the camper or vehicle unless the damage was caused by an accident. Furthermore, loss or theft of components of the vehicle or camper attachment is not covered. There is no coverage if improper use, drunkenness, accidents or damage which did not take place on a public road, is evident. When driving on unpaved roads (gravel), we recommend a maximum speed of 30 km/h or lower, depending on the road.

There is generally no insurance coverage if the damage was caused by negligence, and if no police report of the accident and/or the damage assessment has been submitted.

Third-party insurance

The insurance covers material and personal injury to third parties or death up to approx. 10,000 EUR (approx. 11,000 USD), valid in the Chilean territory.

If you want a higher coverage, we recommend you to include a supplementary liability insurance (Travel insurance) in your home country.

Highway toll in Santiago de Chile

All campers are equipped with the TAG system, which serves to pay the toll fee automatically when using the highway in the Greater Santiago district. The toll fees are included in the rental price.

Accident or damage to the motorhome

If you are involved in an accident please immediately report it to the local police. The insurance will be liable only when the police report has been submitted!

The duty of the police report for insurance purposes also applies to cases in which your vehicle is damaged (not accidental) or you damaged the rental.

In addition, you must promptly notify your car rental agency.

Camper equipment

The basic equipment of the campers include the following items (may vary slightly according to each camper):
• Bed sheets or sleeping bags
• Pillows
• 2 towels / person
• Kitchen appliances
• Cooler (only for campers with roof top tent)
• Outdoor tables and chairs
• Cleaning agents
• Grilling rack
• Roadmap
• Spare tire
• Tool box
• Lifting jack
• Jumper cables
• High-visibility jacket
• Tow rope
• Fire-extinguisher
• Wheel wrench
• Warning triangle
• First-Aid-Kit
• 24 hour emergency phone service
• Propane gas cylinder (not for campers with roof top tent)
• Full tank of gasoline (has to be full at drop off)
• Full water tank (not for campers with roof top tent)
• Water hose (not for campers with roof top tent)
• Extension cable and high voltage adaptor 220 V (not for campers with roof top tent)

Accesories and extras

In addition to the basic equipment of the motorhomes, you can also rent the following accessories:

Additional wool blanket 12 € (approx. 15 USD)
Additional blanket 20 € (approx. 25 USD)
Copy of car and camper keys 35 €  (approx. 40 USD)
Camping grill (gas) 20 €  (approx. 25 USD)
Snow chains 47 €  (approx. 55 USD)
Baby seat 47 € for 1-27 days
68 € for 28-55 days
90 € from 56 days
 (approx. 55 USD)
(approx. 75 USD)
(approx. 105 USD)
GPS 63 € for 1-14 days
84 € for 15-27 days
105 € from 28 days
  (approx. 70 USD)
(approx. 95 USD)
(approx. 115 USD)
Contingency kit (Gas tank, add. set of keys, spade, snow chains) 100 €  (approx. 110 USD)
Second driver permit 5 € / day  (approx. 7 USD / day)
100 km add. daily avergae miles
15 € / day  (approx. 18 USD / day)
100 km additional daily average mileage
30 € / day  (approx. 35 USD / day)

Other accessories upon request.

Please request additional equipment at the time of booking, so we can ensure availability of your desired items.


When picking up the vehicle, a voucher of your credit card will be created and have to be signed by you. It is therefore essential that you have a credit card with a minimum coverage of 2,000 USD with you.

The voucher is for warranty purposes and is given back to you with proper return of the vehicle, provided there are no objections.

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