Extras & Additional Services

Did you know that we have more to offer than just rental cars? Our team is glad to offer assistance with the coordination of other travel necessities or requests you may have. Our own experience has taught us that it can be hard to locate and book everything you might need from home.

That is why we can assist you in booking:

Furthermore, on our travel site Xplore Inside you can find many interesting day trips, active travel, cruises and more-day tours throughout Chile, including the Easter Island. You can also review the nicest hotels in Chile and make your reservation with us.

Get to know more about each additional service we offer:

Booking your domestic flights
Booking your nationwide bus and train trips
Booking your ferry travel connection
Booking your tours by ship
Booking your hotel reservations
Creating your personalized travel plan


We are glad to assist you in the planning and organization of your stay in Chile.
For more information feel free to contact us directly.

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