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Did you know that we have more to offer than just rental cars? Our team is glad to offer assistance with the coordination of other travel necessities or requests you may have. Our own experience has taught us that it can be hard to locate and book everything you might need from home.

That is why we can assist you in booking:

Furthermore, on our travel site Xplore Inside you can find many interesting day trips, active travel, cruises and more-day tours throughout Chile, including the Easter Island. You can also review the nicest hotels in Chile and make your reservation with us.

Get to know more about each additional service we offer:

Booking your domestic flights

Even though Chile is only about 350 km wide, it stretches over 4,300 km north to south. If you really want to experience the full potential of Chile in all its extremes, booking a domestic flight is the best way to travel quickly to your next destination. Booking your national tickets from abroad is noticeably more expensive than within the Chilean online-booking systems, which is where we are here to help!

As a customer of Car-Rental-Chile, you will profit from our on-site location and save the additional costs associated with purchasing your flight from abroad. Just tell us your flight destinations and we will find the best offer for you!

Service fee
For customers of Car-Rental-Chile: 30 USD
(per person, per flight)
For non-Car-Rental-Chile customers: 60 USD (per person, per flight)

Booking your nationwide bus and train trips

Unfortunately, booking your local bus tickets online is not possible from abroad. Car-Rental-Chile will be happy to help you book your bus tickets. Just tell us your destination, the day of travel, and your preferred travel time and we will find the right bus for you!

Service fee
For customers of Car-Rental-Chile: 18 USD 
(per person, per route)
For non-Car-Rental-Chile customers: 35 USD (per person, per route)

Booking your ferry travel connection

Will you require a travel connection by ferry during your travels? Crossing one of the many waterways by ferry is not only practical; it is also an adventurous and scenic travel experience.

Booking your ferry travel connection from home can be confusing and frustrating. Just tell us your route and day of travel, and we will gladly save you the hassle of finding the right connection.

Service fee
For customers of Car-Rental-Chile: 18 USD 
(per person, per route), 41 USD (per vehicle, per route)
For non-Car-Rental-Chile customers: 30 USD (per person, per route), 60 USD (per vehicle, per route)

Booking your tours by ship

Some of Chile’s most famous travel routes can only be accessed by ship; some passing through the beautiful Fjords of the Patagonia, while others cross the awe-inspiring landscape of Chile’s Lakes Region. Just let us know which of the following cruises you would like to join:

  • Laguna San Rafael
  • Puerto Montt – Puerto Natales (also available as a ferry connection)
  • Puerto Montt – Puerto Chacabuco (also available as a ferry connection)
  • Multi-day boat trip through south Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego (Punta Arenas and Ushuaia, Argentina)
  • Multi-day boat trip through the fjords and glacier areas (north and south Patagonian ice fields)
  • Crossing the Andes by ship and bus (Cruce de Lagos / Cruce Andino)
Booking your hotel reservations

Do you need advice or assistance with making hotel reservations for your stay in Chile? Whether you need a centrally-located hotel in Santiago upon arrival or a relaxing getaway cottage in the countryside, accessed with one of our rental cars, we will find the right hotel alternative for you. Just share your desired hotel category, locations and timeframe, and we will send you our hotel recommendations.

Creating your personalized travel plan

Are you in need of some expert advice in planning your trip throughout Chile? Our expert travel team at Car-Rental-Chile will gladly advise you, so you can explore all the beauty Chile has to offer. Together, we will develop your personalized travel schedule, complete with car rentals, lodging, excursions, etc. We will also ensure to adapt your travel plan to your desires, interests and your travel budget.


We are glad to assist you in the planning and organization of your stay in Chile.
For more information feel free to contact us directly.

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